Printing from your iPad

This article will help walk you through how to set-up printing capabilities on your Hiram issued iPad-Pro. If you would like a PDF version of these instructions, please click this link:

How to Print from your iPad

Step 1)

Go to the “Self Service” app and scroll down to the Utilities & Tools section. Select Papercut Installation.


Step 2)

Select Install on the following popup screen.


Step 3)

Go to your home screen and look for the Papercut Install icon (it is white with a green “P” on it).


Step 4)

After tapping on the icon from Step 3, a web browser will open and give you a warning message. Select the Allow option.


Step 5)

On the following pop-ups, select Install on all three that come up. You will be prompted for your iPad pass-code after you select Install on the first pop-up. Please enter your code to proceed.


Step 6)

Select Done.


Step 7)

 You should now find a green Papercut Application labelled “Printing” on your home screen. This is a different icon from the one in Step 3, which was white with a green “P.” At this point, you can safely delete the Papercut icon from Step 3, if you wish to.


Step 8)

Log into Papercut with your Hiram username and password, and select Remember Me. Once logged in, you will be able to see your balance as well as monitor your printing jobs when you send them.

Important: If you are not logged in to Papercut, your print job will not be submitted to the printer. Make sure you are logged in through this app before you try to print.


At this point, you now have printing capabilities enabled. If you need help printing documents, you may continue to the instructions below. In the following examples, the “Notability” application is used as a model, but most applications should be similar. If you need assistance printing from a specific application, please stop by the Tech and Trek Desk in the lobby of the library, and the technicians there will be happy to assist you. Additionally, you may call at ext. 6040.


Step 9)

Select an application you wish to print from.


Step 10)

Find the print functionality for the application you are using and select “Print” and/or “AirPrint.”


Step 11)

On the Printer Options page, select Select Printer.


Step 12)

A list of available printers will populate. Select a printer that you have access to, and on the next page select Print in the top right corner.

ImportantPlease note the name and location that is indicated on all printers listed. This is where your print job will come out.


Finally, if you experience issues printing, some settings do not translate through the system properly and may cause your iPad NOT to print. See image below and make sure that “Double Sided” is turned off (not green) as well as “Staple” is turned off. Black & White/Color settings do not matter as the printers only pint Black & White no matter the selection